Becomes a Driver Health Report

Persons who will obtain a driver's license for the first time, renew their driver's license or add a driver's license class must obtain a driver's license health report. In short, you cannot have a driver's license without obtaining a health report.

In order to get a driver's license report, you must first go to a health institution. In order to receive this report, you must have your ID and two biometric photographs with you. Also, if you wear contact lenses or glasses, it may be helpful to have them with you. During the examination, the physician will ask some questions about your health status, and then balance and reflex tests will be applied. If you pass these tests, the physician can give you a 'become a driver' report with your photo.

One of the most curious issues is, is a driver's license health report required to renew a driver's license? It is obligatory to obtain a health report for license renewal. Drivers who want to renew their license can apply in accordance with the rules and get their driver's license health reports. After this process, the license renewal process can begin. The same applies to drivers who have lost their license. If the license is lost, the driver's license health report is required again, as the driver's license will be issued again.

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