Marriage Tests

One of the more important issues for couples preparing for marriage than all the preparations is the evaluation of the health and genetic conditions of the individuals to be married. The person may appear healthy, but may have unidentified health problems or be a latent carrier of infectious or inherited diseases. With the screening tests to be made to the couples to marry, such situations can be revealed and necessary precautions can be taken and treatments can be started.

Why is it important to have premarital screening tests?

Since thalassemia (Mediterranean anemia) and sickle cell anemia, which are dangerous blood diseases, are common in our country where the rate of consanguineous marriages is high and these diseases are inherited only from parents to children, premarital tests are more important for couples to have a child with Thalassemia or sickle cell. allows to be determined.
HIV and Hepatitis B and C virus diseases are life-threatening. These viral infections are transmitted by blood, sexually and bodily fluids. It is very important to analyze these infections, as viruses remain silent for months or even years in asymptomatic people. Having this disease or being with carriers will put you at risk of having a baby with these infections.
With early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of people with HIV and hepatitis, symptoms can be controlled and the risk of serious complications (side effects) can be reduced.
Standard marriage tests provide proof of syphilis (past or present). If a person tests for syphilis before marriage, the infected person can be treated without infecting their partner. In addition, if syphilis is detected and treated in a woman, future transmission of the disease to her baby and complications can be prevented.

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