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One of the documents requested from the candidates, generally in civil service and some private sector jobs, is the delegation report. Sometimes, as an employee, getting a committee report is a necessary condition for long-term (20 days and more) rest. Of course, there is a way to do this. In this article, we tried to answer the question of how to get a delegation report.

The official health document in which more than one specialist physician examines the health status of the person from various aspects and gives an opinion is called a committee report. It is a document that is requested both in cases where you are healthy and have no obstacles to doing the specified job, and in situations that require long-term rest due to an illness. Apart from this, there are also breeds for military service, driver's license, and sportsman's license. In special talent exams, some universities want it before taking the aptitude exam, and some universities after graduating from school. Let's examine the work and procedures that those who want to get a delegation report should do, item by item:

1. Committee reports can be given by full-fledged (that is, all polyclinics) health institutions. For this, you must first go to the hospital and tell the officer that you want to get a delegation report.

2. This has a fee. However, in some cases, you do not have to take it from the full-fledged hospital. These are free. After paying the fee, you start to wander through the polyclinics in the list that will be given to you.

3. Every time you enter the polyclinic, you are subjected to some examinations and tests. The relevant physician writes his/her diagnosis (if any) on the paper given to you.

4. After visiting all polyclinics and obtaining the desired examination results, these documents are delivered to the place where you obtained the first document.

5. The delegation meets on certain days of the week. After examining all applications and creating a report, you can go and get your report on the date notified to you, after the signatures of all relevant physicians and the approval of the hospital chief physician.

What should be noted here is that you must specify this phrase in your petition beforehand so that the phrase that should be clearly stated in the delegation report is included. For example, if there should be phrases such as it is okay to work in any climate condition all over the country, and it is okay to use a gun, you should specify this beforehand.

Apart from this, if a committee report is required for a long-term rest, these procedures are not needed. The relevant physician himself will refer you to the committee. In the referral document, he writes the information such as the rest period required for diagnosis and treatment himself. Your committee report is issued with the approval of the physicians from the same branch and related branches and the chief physician.

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