Personalized Check-Up Packages

What is Check-Up?

check up; It is a health service that covers all diagnostic and examination applications carried out for the purpose of evaluating the general health status of people, clarifying the risk factors for diseases, control and management of existing health problems. Depending on various parameters such as the age of the person applying for check-up, additional diseases, risk factors; The health status of the person is evaluated by using certain screening tests. If necessary, the patient can be referred to other tests, lifestyle changes can be suggested or treatment can be started.

How to Check Up?

First of all, a detailed history is taken from the person who applied for the check-up, and the general health status of the person; Diagnosed diseases, if any, treatments received or previously received, and family health history are learned. Then, a detailed physical examination is performed and the findings, if any, are recorded.

During the physical examination, values ​​such as blood pressure, pulse, and respiration are measured, as well as specific system examinations such as cardiological examination in heart check-up scans or neurological examination for the evaluation of the nervous system in brain check-up scans. A breast examination in women or an advanced prostate examination in men can be added to the physical examination as part of a check-up.

What Tests Are Performed in Check Up?

As part of the routine check-up, in order to determine the general health status of the people;

• Complete blood count (hemogram),
• Complete urinalysis,
• Blood lipid (blood fat and cholesterol) levels,
• Lung X-ray,
• Electrocardiography,
• Thyroid function test is examined.
In addition to the aforementioned routine tests, tests such as antibody tests for hepatitis, HIV or infectious agents in the vaccination program, bone screening for osteoporosis, mammography and pap smear test for women over 40 can be included in the check-up.

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