Psychotechnical Health Report

The psychotechnical certificate is a document that shows whether the physical and psychological conditions of the people are suitable for driving, and is given after a 1-hour test carried out in the presence of a psychologist and simulator. In other words, the psychotechnical certificate is a document that shows whether the person is suitable for the job in question. Psychotechnical certificate is given by approved institutions under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.
While obtaining the psychotechnical certificate, the mental characteristics of the drivers that enable them to drive safely; perception, attention, memory, reasoning and similar abilities, psychomotor abilities and skills; reaction speed, eye, hand, foot coordination and similar behaviors, habits and personality traits; risk taking, aggression, responsibility, self-control, and similar behaviors are examined. If these evaluations are positive, the driver can get a psychotechnical certificate.

The most important reasons for using the psychotechnical certificate are as follows:

- In the event that the license is withdrawn for legal reasons, in order to reach a conclusion as to whether the detected rule violations are due to a lack of skills and abilities required for driving.
-In order to identify the people who are not suitable to be drivers
-In order to determine whether the people whose profession is a driver are suitable for the driving profession they continue to work.
-For driver selection for areas that require high driving performance (such as heavy vehicle driving, long distance driving, passenger transportation)

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