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As we enter 2021, I decided to write this article so that my excited student brothers who want to get a health report for university records can easily handle this process. The Council of Higher Education (YÖK) requires a health report, which determines whether there is an obstacle for people to enter the university during enrollment after graduating from high school. Registration to the university cannot be completed without this health report. Now I will tell you what to do in order.

How to Get a Health Report for University Registration?

First of all, you need to choose the institution where you will get the health report, that is, the institution to which you will apply. We will prefer family health centers. If we list the reasons why we prefer family health centers:

It is generally more comfortable in terms of patient density. (This does not apply to all parts of Turkey.)
You do not pay any fee for the report.
You have the opportunity to receive the report directly on the same day without making an appointment. (This does not apply to all parts of Turkey.)
We make our appointment from the family health center to the family medicine unit we are affiliated with. We go on our appointment day and time. There are some documents we need to take with us before we go. Required documents for university health report:

Identity Card: Make sure you have it with you. You cannot initiate any transaction without your identity card.
Photograph: Do not forget to take 1 passport-sized photograph. Biometric feature is not required.
We go to our appointment with our documents, go to our family doctor and tell our problem. Your family doctor will question your medical history and perform a physical examination. After these procedures, he/she can do blood tests or some other tests if he/she deems necessary. If, as a result of the entire examination process, no health problems are detected in your admission to the university, they will issue a report stating that you can enter the university. Below I leave a sample of the medical report for the university record that I have given to a patient before.

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